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If we have arranged a safe check-in with you, you will receive a four-digit code from us.

  • The safe is located to the right of the registration entrance

  • We have one of the four safes for you
    (A, B, C or D) assigned

  • You have received a 4-digit code from us

  • Enter 4-digit code (code correct = blue LED lights up)

  • If the wrong code is entered, a red LED lights up (wait briefly, then try again)

  • Turn the lower lever to the right to open the door

  • Door is open

  • Just take the envelope with your name on it

  • Close the door again

  • Turn the lever back to lock the safe again

  • Rooms 1 to 12 are in the front building (entrance opposite the registration)

  • Rooms H1 to H7 are in the rear building (entrance approx. 5 meters to the right of the registration)

  • To open the main entrance doors, hold your key card in front of the black reader

  • Hold the card in front of the device until the LED strip on the device lights up green

  • You can now open the door

  • You can also open your room door with the key card

  • When you check out, drop your key card in the mailbox at the registration desk

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